SAT Competition 2013
affiliated with the SAT 2013 conference, July 8-12 in Helsinki, Finland
jointly organized by Ulm University, University of Helsinki,
University College Dublin, University of Texas at Austin,

See the separate contact information page for information on how to contact the competition organizers.

Organization Institution

Institute of Theoretical Computer Science Ulm University Germany
Complex and Adaptive Systems Lab University College Dublin Ireland
Department of Computer Sciences The University of Texas at Austin USA
HIIT & Department of Computer Science University of Helsinki Finnland

Organization Committee

Adrian Balint Ulm University Germany
Anton Belov University College Dublin Ireland
Marijn Heule The University of Texas at Austin USA
Matti Järvisalo University of Helsinki Finland

Technical Assistants

Daniel Diepold Ulm UniversityGermany
Simon GerberUlm UniversityGermany

Board of Judges

Roberto Sebastiani University of Trento Italy
Karem A. Sakallah University of Michigan USA
Youssef Hamadi Microsoft ResearchUK