SAT Competition 2013
affiliated with the SAT 2013 conference, July 8-12 in Helsinki, Finland
jointly organized by Ulm University, University of Helsinki,
University College Dublin, University of Texas at Austin,

SC13 benchmark selection


Here you can find a list of tools or templates that we have made available for this competition.

  • EDACC verifier (updated) - a tool to check the SAT and UNSAT certificate of solvers. The verifier expects two inputs: (1) the cnf file and (2) file containing the output of the solver. This is an improved version that contains also the binaries used in during the Competiton.
  • MiniSAT 2.2.0, which is the basis of the Minisat hack track along with the patch to make MiniSAT SAT Competition conform and also allow to emit DRUP proofs.
  • Template for the solver and benchmark descriptions.
  • A CNF Checker, that verifies whether an instance conforms to the DIMACS format.
  • An edit distance tool, to count the number of edit operations (count on a character basis) between two files. For the MiniSAT hack track you will have to compute the edit distance between all original and all modified files. The number of edit operations should be smaller than 1000.