SAT Competition 2004

February 23 - May 13, 2004

Organized in conjunction with SAT 2004
(the Seventh International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing)

Last modification: 13 July 2004.

Detailled results (including access to benchmarks)

Awards revealed.

This year, no compliance stage. Please use the competitor toolbox to ensure that your solver is compliant with the competition input/output requirements.

SAT Competition 2004 will start on February 23, 2004 and will continue until (and during) SAT 2004 Conference (May 10-13, 2004, Vancouver, Canada).

The purpose of the competition is to identify new challenging benchmarks and to promote new solvers for the propositional satisfiability problem (SAT) as well as to compare them with state-of-the-art solvers. We strongly encourage people thinking about SAT-based techniques in their area (planning, hardware or software verification, etc.) to submit benchmarks to be used for the competition. The result of the competition will be a good indicator of the current feasibility of such approach. The competition will be completely automated using the SAT-Ex system.

Please use the discussion forum about competition policy and organization issues.

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